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Related post: Date: Tue, 1 Mar 2005 20:54:01 -0500 (EST) From: Blue OConnor Subject: Perfect14PerfectEdited by: Tom ~ 3d cartoon incest toplist Chapter 14 ~ Flashback Gabriel's POV They were leaving today. Derek's dad was trying to make good on his threats and was suing for custody of Tommy. I guess it was their means of trying to tie Derek to them. The only way to fight it of course was in the US, where the entire litigation was taking place. Plus Elaine still had to go to her emancipation hearing in the next month, so they were password sex toplist going back to Georgia. I thought I had been prepared for this day but I wasn't. I felt like I was losing everything I had come to love all over again, just like I had when my father toplist topless died. Elaine handed Tommy to me and I breathed in that sweet fresh baby smell of his. I looked down at his puckered sleeping face. "You have the best parents in the world little man, and I want you to be good for them, okay? Let your mama get some rest." I rocked him slightly when he began to fuss and he quieted immediately. "I'm not sure when I'll see you again but I want you to know that I love you, and I'll miss you. I'll even miss changing your diapers." Elaine came up from behind me and wrapped her arms around my waist. "This isn't goodbye, so stop acting so damn sad. You not getting rid of me that easily." Derek laughed at her disgruntled expression. "He doesn't know yet how much of a bulldog you are when you latch on to something. Give him some time, he'll come russian porn toplist around." I brought Tommy over to his car seat, laying him gently inside and porno clip toplists then strapping him in. People were starting to board the plane and I knew it was time to let them go. "Take good care of our girl." I said to Derek. "You know I will." He said, before giving me a one armed hug. "I can take of myself, thank you very much." I laughed and gave her a hug. "The one thing I won't miss is that mouth of yours Brat." "Oh, you say the sweetest things to me." She said sarcastically. I pulled away from her. "Call me when you get there, alright?" "I will," she kissed me and said. "We'll see you soon okay?" "Okay." As I watched them walk past the metal detectors, and then disappearing behind the corner Elaine df toplist love waved at me, and I tried to smile even though my heart was breaking. ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ I hadn't wanted to go my room because it never gave me any comfort being there. teen tits toplist It was just a barren room where I kept my clothes and supplies; no hint of ls girls toplist my personality lay there. Instead I went to our secret apartment but upon arriving I realized my mistake. This place was empty. All the laughter and joy that had filled it over the last few months were gone. Taking the warmth and comfort of the atmosphere with it. It was now just another room that echoed with past memories. I was alone again.~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ Present Day- Hunter's POV I stared dumbly at the answering machine, not quite comprehending what it was the crazed voice had said. I glanced up at the stone faced Detective and knew. "This...this," I stammered, heart pulsing quickly. "It isn't a joke hentia toplist porn is it? We were hoping that this was just some prank a kid pulled but it isn't. This is real, some one really wants to hurt sister fuck toplist him." "We're not sure where this is leading." he said in a calm voice. "What do you mean american sex toplist you're not sure? You heard that maniac," I couldn't get the voice out of my head. It was so distorted I couldn't tell if it was a man toplist df x teen or a woman. I flipped open my cell phone; from the cheerful sound in Connor's voice over the phone, I knew he didn't know about this. Detective Haynes snatched my cell phone out of my hand. "What are you doing?" "Calling Connor." I growled. "I can't let you do that." He said firmly, and then kids bikini toplist put my phone in his pocket. "Who the hell do you think you are?" I demanded. "I can do whatever I Damn well please." "Telling Mr. McNeil about this phone call right now won't serve any purpose than to scare him further." "He needs to be warned, he's sitting like a duck..." I trailed off, suppressing the shiver of dread that crawled up my spine. "Wait a minute... is this some form of gay bashing, are you going to sit on your ass and not do anything while this creep is chasing my friend." I could tell I had gone too far incest pics toplist by the way his face tightened up but I was past caring. "You homophobic assholes really should be hung my by your toes over an erupting volcano." "Calm down." He said, there was a dangerous edge to his voice. "Fuck you." I glared at him, and then reached for Connor's phone. "I'm calling him and you can't anime incest toplist stop me." His hand slammed down on mine before I could lift the phone. "Calm down." Those gray eyes of his snapped, with temper as he glowered down at me. Ask me if I know how to leave well enough alone. "I'll calm down, when you pull you head from your ass." I said, pulling my hand out from out from under his and crossed my arms. ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ So that's how I wound up at the police station, in the custody of a very irate police detective. He hauled me into his office, plunked me into a chair, barked, "Now, stay there!" and stalked out. I was fairly snapping with temper myself. How dare he? I wasn't a criminal or a ls island toplist bitch that would heel when he barked. "Asshole," I muttered, and squeeze my eyes youg toplist ls shut. I was being irrational but that man really set my nerves on edge. Maybe the reason I couldn't stand him was because of his sheer arrogance, or possibly the fact that my errant cock had been naked kids toplist hard throughout the argument. Maybe both. "Traitor," I said to the lump in my pants, frowning teen girls toplist at my penis's answering throb. toplist cp illegal I couldn't be attracted to that meathead. Nope, it was adrenaline, that's why I was hard, because I didn't do jerks. I was composed when he returned two hours later a Diet Coke in his hand, he very carefully and deliberately closed the door and in a low voice said, "Are you ready to listen or are you going to keep throwing false accusations at me?" I kept mulishly silent as he handed me the drink and sat down at his desk. "Your friend is watched by patrolling squad cars." That calmed one of my fears. "But why wouldn't..." He held up his hand to silence me. "I wanted to know more about these calls before I brought it to Mr. McNeil's attention. I'm doing everything in my power to bring this person into custody." I swallowed; I didn't like admitting I was wrong even though I knew I was. "Okay." "I'm going to see him now, would you like to come on long?" "Yeah." I grumbled, pouting a little. When we were in the kidz toplist car driving, he noticed the bruised underside of my arm and wince. "I'm sorry if I hurt you." I didn't answer his whispered apology, and the rest of the drive continued in tense silence. ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~Gabriel's POV The doorbell ringing that afternoon woke us both. We had fallen asleep after eating, while watching a movie. I had stretched out on the couch, and Connor lay atop of me. "What---??" "Ssshhh," I ran my hand down his back, too comfortable to move. "Some one's at the door. teens toplists If we're quiet they'll go away." The doorbell rang a second time. Whoever it was, was impatient. japanese sex toplist "It's probably Hunter." I groaned, and pulled him down so I could bury my face in his hair. "Does that mean we have to get up?" "Yes." I sighed, when the doorbell rang again. "Go open it before he decides to break in." He laughed all the way to the door but that laughter died as soon as he opened the door and saw whom it was. "Detective Haynes? Hunter? What's wrong?" ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ Connor's POV My control was splintering. My ears rang; my peripheral vision receded as I stared at tape recorder in Detective Haynes hand. dark toplist The object of my scrutiny grew dim and gray. It was like viewing a soundless, flickering black and white television picture through the wrong end of a telescope. Then my peripheral vision returned as abruptly as it had disappeared, color reemerged, and sound and activity suddenly buffeted me from all directions. I was aware of Hunter prying the glass of water I had poured myself when they had arrived out of my tpg toplist pic hand. I think he was afraid I would grip it too tightly and shatter it in my hand. But I didn't care, that voice was burnt in my brain, and it played over and over again. "Connor, honey, talk to me." Gabriel's soothing voice was stern and unyielding. "Why...Why me?" I said faintly, still feeling detached from this world, this conversation. "That's what I'm trying to find out." Detective Haynes said. "We looked through the surveillance tapes of your parking lot but we came up empty. The angle of the camera only allowed us to see the back of your car not the front." "Oh!" "Mr. McNeil...Connor... Can I call you Connor?" He asked and at my nod continued. "We checked your phone records and found you've been receiving calls from a payphone across from your building over the last few weeks, you only pick up for three out of ten of them." My eyes grew wide. "But, I haven't had any calls like these, never, I would have remembered something like this." "No, they wouldn't have been like incest toplist this. Think back, have you gotten hang ups or wrong numbers lately?" "Yeah, right before my accident, animated 3d incest toplist but that was Hunter." I said, glancing at him, but he was shaking his head. "I didn't call you, sweetie." "Yeah you did," I said, hyperventilating a little, trying to hold on to my sanity. "Remember, I hung up on you, then you called back right? Right?" He shook his sadly at me. Gabriel pulled me into his lap, wrapping his arms around my quivering body. "Did the person say anything, anything at nude topless toplists all?" Gabriel asked. "No," toplist nude pics I said. "But they were breathing. Heavy, like they were excited." tights free gallery toplist "Fuck!" Gabriel muttered. "What about on..." Detective Haynes looked at the sheet of paper he was carrying. "Wednesday July 14, do you remember any calls from that day?" "No, that was almost three weeks ago." "That's okay." He said, his tone reassuring. "We've put up surveillance on the pay phone he was using but since he seems to be watching you, I don't think he'll use it again, it's just a precaution." He held my toplists teen galleries gaze as he said. "I want you know that there will be underground porn toplist a squad car in front of the toplist biz teen premises at all times from now on, okay?" "There is some thing else isn't there? Something you haven't told us?" His eyes widen with surprise. "Yes." "What is it?" I asked but I wasn't sure I wanted know the answer. "I was called in at a murder scene early this afternoon after I got the key to your apartment, I didn't think there was a connection to your case until I saw the victim." "Who was it?" Gabriel demanded. "Not someone you know." He said, and then pulled out a picture from the folder that was on the coffee table. He put in front of us. Hunter let out a strangled gasp and while I screamed not out loud, but on inside. "It's me!" "No it isn't," Gabriel snarled, his hands gripping mine. "I pretten nonnude toplist don't know who that is but it isn't you. His legs are shorter and he doesn't have freckles on his chest like you do." I studied the picture closer. It toplist teens depicted a man lying on a bed his hair brown and curly like my own. He was tied down to the corners of the bed, legs and arms spread eagle. He was gagged and on his chest between his nipples seemed to be heart carved into him with a knife. I also stomach churned with revulsion...blood on his inner thighs. "His name was Stefan Jameson. His roommate who'd been away for the weekend found him like this in his apartment. His hair russian toplist org was dyed to match yours. He was raped repeatedly and then killed later by suffocation." "Jesus!" Hunter mumbled. "I found a note by the side his bed. ls girl toplist It said `You're mine,' Does that mean anything to you?" I shook my head dumbly. I didn't know how I kept from throwing up but I did. Bile kept on coming up and I pushed it down. "Our CSI team is going over the scene carefully but boys toplist I don't think, we'll find anything. This guy is a professional." I could feel my eyes leaking and I turned my face into Gabriel's shoulder before any tears fell. "Right now your mother is the only lead we have Gabriel. We had some trouble locating her because she's moved to New York but we've located her. I'm flying out there tonight teens masturbate toplist in order to talk to nude boy toplisten her." I heard the detective get up. "I want you to stay in as much as possible, we're not sure if he knows where you are right now but we'll be watching if he makes a move." sexmovies toplist "Okay." Gabriel said, his voice gruff. "Do you want me to stay, Honey?" Hunter asked, after Detective Haynes left. I raised my head, "No, go home, I don't want you in any danger." Hunter huffed out a breath. "I'm tougher than I look, and so are you." I gave him a watery smile. "I'm not sure about that right now." "Well I am." He kissed my head gently and said. "Call me if you need me okay?" "Alright." He too left, and after Gabriel returned from turning on the alarm, I found myself curled again into in his arms. ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ The flash of glittering steel penetrated my mind before I woke with a start, my heart pounding, and shaking all over. I was shaking, not my heart. Maybe my heart was too, but I didn't have any way of knowing; all I could feel was pounding. And Gabriel was leaning over me, a big, protective shadow in the darkness of the room. He stroked my belly, then gripped my waist and eased me into his arms. "Bad dream?" nude daughter topliste "I can't remember," I muttered, still half asleep. "It's okay to be scared, baby." He said, brushing the hair from my face. "He killed that man because of me, Gabriel." I said. I had cried before falling asleep. I shed tears of regret for that young man's life, tears for those who mourned him. But I refused to cry for myself, I've survived in the face of crisis before and I would again. "Don't let me toplist loita teen hear you say that again." He said, sharply. "This is not your fault." "I know, honey." I said, trying to placate his temper. cartoon porn toplist "I know." He murmured his approval and leaned down to kiss me. Gabriel had his own technique of comforting, and it involved tucking me under him. I wrapped my legs around his hips and pulled him close. "Do you feel okay enough for this?" He whispered, but he was a tad late with the question because his finger was already sliding into my opening, pre-paring me for him. "Yes," I answered anyway. Then, he was pushing inside me. He was careful, or tried to be. He kept his weight braced on his forearms and his strokes were slow and even---until the very end, when there was nothing slow or even about it. But he didn't hurt me, or if he did, I was too turned on to notice. ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ Gabriel's POV I drove my 4x4 toward Elaine's house, Connor sat next to me his face still pale and drawn, and I recalled the conversation we had shared about the invitation. "Listen, Elaine invited us over for dinner, but kiddy prn toplist I think under the circumstances we could get out of it." After spending the week at home, jumping at every sound, afraid to go out, toplist galls and being watched constantly by patrolling cops, our nerves were on edge and I really hadn't felt like socializing. "No, don't," he pleaded. "I'd like to meet Elaine, Tommy, and Derek, too." I'd known he'd feel that way, yet it'd still tugged at my heart. "Really?" "Of course." He'd sounded incredulous that I would think otherwise. "Baby, we can arrange another meeting," I'd said. "No, we going and that's final." He'd said, his stubborn nature flaring up. "I won't let this thing control my life more than it toplist petite has to. Now we were turning into sexo toplist pix the driveway, I pulled up behind Elaine's car, and said, "This is it." "This is where you spend a lot of you free time, huh?" Connor asked as we got out. I kds toplists nodded. "Yeah, Elaine moved here a nude teen toplist year after I did because we didn't like being separated." He smiled, his eyes a toplist nudist pics little sad. "I'm happy you found a family when your mother couldn't offer you one." I threw my arm around his shoulder and pulled him to my chest, we rocked quietly for a few moments. I found myself glancing up at the house. I hadn't realized how much of myself I had sex movie toplist put into this house. Derek and I spent countless months fixing the old run down building and made it into Elaine's dream house. Between his architecture planning, and carpenter skill and my painting and renovation skills, the project had turned into a beautiful Spanish style house, which greeted you with warmth from the moment you set foot onto the front steps. After approaching the house, I did something I never did: knocked. "We're here," I half yelled, holding it open for Connor. I followed him inside, and was hit with the fragrant smell of something baking. "Coming, Gabriel," Elaine yelled girl in pantyhose toplists from the back of the house. "Just putting the steaks on." Taking Connor's hand, I led him to the kitchen just as Elaine entered through the sliding door. Tommy followed, looking lanky and shy, his shoulders hunched. "Elaine, Davy, this is Connor." "It's nice to finally meet you." She said, bypassing Connor's outstretched hand, to enfold him in a warm hug. I rolled my eyes. "I should have warned you, she's a hugger." "And you love it." She said, kissing me on the cheek. Elaine stepped back slightly against the kitchen table, motioning Tommy forward. "He's a little cp toplist sex shy with new people," she explained. toplist real cp portal "Moommm." Tommy whispered, his face bright with embarrassment. "Hi," Connor, said, smiling into Tommy's eyes. "No need to be shy, I don't bite, much." Tommy giggled, and I could see his shoulders relaxing. "You know Gabriel talks about you all the time." "He does?" Tommy flicked a glance to me. "Of course he does." Connor said. "He told me you're into Japanese anime. I used to collect comic books when I was younger, if you 3d yong hentai toplist want, I could lend you some of them." "Really?" His eyes seemed to light from behind his glasses. Connor nodded. "Cool." teen sex toplists I noticed the kitchen table set for five. "I thought we'd eat outside," I said to Elaine. "It's nice out." The backyard was spacious, with lots of room for grass and a big porch. Elaine gave a small smile and shook her head, grabbing my sleeve to pull me aside, but Connor didn't seem to notice since Tommy was asking him if he'd like to see his own comic collection in his room. "My allergies are acting up again," Elaine said, as Connor followed Tommy from the room. "Stupid pollen makes me sneeze like crazy." As soon as the pair was out of hearing range she said. "Is he really okay, Gabriel?" I signed, not bothering to try lying to her. "He's trying, he really is but he's agitated all the time, and he's having nightmares. I don't think he remembers them when he wakes up." "Do the police have any leads?" "No." I said, "I haven't heard from Detective Haynes all week." She cupped my face in her hand. "You'll be fine." I stared at her small face, filled with love, and concern. She was such a strong woman, I don't thing anything or anyone bizzare toplist could knock her down, even though many have tried. She glanced toward the living room. "He fits with you." I nodded. "I know." "Dinner should be ready soon." She said, changing the subject. "Why don't you help me make the salad." I gave her a mock frown. "I came here to eat woman, not cook." "You don't help, you don't eat." She threw over her shoulder as she reached into the fridge. "Can you take the biscuits out of the oven for me, please." "What can I do to help?" Connor said from behind russian amateure toplist me. ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ Connor's POV Gabriel glanced over at me, a alfa sex toplist surprised expression on face. Then that look changed into one of approval-and more, as his gaze to teen porn toplist dipped to my lips before making a slow, steady sweep down my body, heating me from the inside out. A crooked smile curled the corner of Elaine's lips, who noticed the heat between us. "A guest's job is to eat and tell me what a fabulous cook I am." "I'm a guest, too." Gabriel complained, while reaching in the oven for something. Elaine snorted. "Your just lazy, Bighead." He glanced sideways at me, and said in a teasing tone. "She has no respect for me, and I'm her boss." The light banter warmed me, and as my gaze held his, I felt the strongest desire to step into his arms and stay there for a while. I might have done so if he wasn't wearing two ridiculous looking oven mitts. I couldn't help chuckling. movie forced toplist "What's so funny?" "Your mitts are cute." His half-grin rode higher on his beautiful mouth. "You're cute." Before I had a moment to savor his compliment, Elaine motioned for me to sit down. I took a seat at the end of the table and watched them work. They moved around the kitchen, cutting, slicing and plating beautiful dishes, seemingly comfortable. Never getting in each other's way, as if toplist asian they'd done this a million times. I exchanged looks with Gabriel each time he came to the table with another plate or bowl, filling the table with enough food for six people. teens video toplist I couldn't stop watching him, admiring the way he moved, how the muscles in his arms stretched the material of his shirt or how well his broad shoulders kidsporn toplist filled that shirt, the way his black hair caught the light and shimmering paths of gold filtered through the silky strands. He was so very, very male, and aggressive, yet he'd been gentle with me all week. Pushing me to study with soft words instead of demanding it. He never got frustrated when my quivering stomach refused to accepted food, just kept trying. Tommy joined me at the table, his nose buried in a book. I smiled. yongest toplist He reminded me so much of how I was when I was younger, shy quiet and introverted. He was at that awkward stage of turning from boy to man, his arms and legs seemed too long for his skinny body, but he would fill out eventually. And I had a feeling that he was going to be a very cute young man. Elaine went illegal child porn toplist outside teen non nude toplist and then came back with a tray of spicy smelling steaks and placed it on the table. I heard a door open and slam shut towards the front of this porn stream toplist house. A voice yelled. "I'm going to wash up honey." Elaine shook her head in amazement. "That man. His stomach must have some internal clock because he always gets home just when I'm putting the food on the table." "He sits outside and waits for a few minutes to make sure Mom's done cooking so she doesn't make him help." Tommy said, softly to me. I chuckled, when Elaine said. "I heard that." "He's smart." Gabriel, who was throwing lettuce in a bowl, said. "We should have done that." "Done what?" Derek said, entering the room, his black curly hair springing wildly over his head. He was smiling and yet his eyes seemed serious as he watched me beneath his lashes, accessing me. Elaine turned toward him, her tone flirtatious. "Hide in the car like you did, so you wouldn't have to help me. But you wouldn't do that would you?" Derek laughed as he bent to kiss her. It would have been an ordinary husbandly gesture except for the way he finished the kiss with a soft, nearly imperceptible nuzzle. Elaine's eyes closed briefly as if the feel of his mouth on her skin recalled tantalizing memories. toplist non pre "Never," he murmured with a caressing smile. He straightened, and walked over to me, holding out his hand. "You must me Connor, I've heard a lot about you." "Nice to meet you." I said, giving his hand a firm shake. His eyes lightened after a few moments, as he stared at me. I guess he saw whatever he was looking for in my eyes, because he said. "Are sure you want to join this ragtag group?" I looked up at Gabriel. "Yeah." I whispered. To my utter amazement, he kissed me on the cheek and said. "Welcome to our family." After that, the clattering of dishes continued as preparation for dinner went toplist 12yo girl on. It was only I who sat frozen in shock. Tommy giggled at me. "Close your mouth, or you'll catch flies." "What just happened?" "You were tried, and found worthy." Tommy said in a grave voice. "Dad does that some times, he's very protective." My insides clenched, "Oh." Tommy patted my hand. girls toplist portal "Gabriel loves you, that means we'll love you too. That's how a family works." "Thank you." I said, my throat tight with emotion. After a few minutes everyone finally took their seats. Knowing I wouldn't take much, Gabriel took my plate piled a bit of everything on it so that by the time he handed it back to me, svens toplist the dish weighed about three pounds. I slanted him an amused look. "Do you think I have amature xxx toplist enough?" He glanced a my plate, and looking completely serious, asked, "Do you want more?" "I was only teasing" That slow grin that had the power to make me feel like I was melting crept onto his face. "I wouldn't tease a hungry man, baby. You never child nude images toplist know what he might devour." I flushed, a common occurrence lately, and glanced away, pretending rapt interest in my fork which made Gabriel chuckle. "This all looks wonderful, Elaine," I said, reaching for a foil-wrapped potato. "I love food from the grill; I just hardly ever take the time to make skinny girl toplist it." Everything did taste great; the biscuits were nice and fluffy. The macaroni and cheese creamy, the steak was seasoned with just enough 3d incest pics toplist spice to give it a kick. By the time dinner was hentai incest toplist done I was stuffed. "I made brownies for toplist 10yo desert." Elaine said, going over to the fridge. "They're Gabriel's favorite." I took a brownie, even though I was full. toplist hymen pics The conversation during dinner had been light and child toplist teasing. I was really enjoying myself. When we were finished eating Elaine sex forums toplist began clearing the dishes and I got to help her. She litle teen photos toplist was about to protest but I cut her off, "I'm not a guest anymore am I?" She grinned but said nothing. nude cartoon toplist Elaine and I were standing in front of the sink washing the dishes; the boys were in the living room watching some game on TV, she rape movie tgp toplist said, "So you finally woke up huh?" "Yeah." I murmured. "I'm slow on the uptake, but I make up for it in staying power." toplist sex free "He's been in love with you forever." "So have I." "Don't hurt him." "I won't." We continued our chore in silence until we were finished. To someone else that conversation was nothing but an innocent chat but I knew the meaning behind it. She was putting his heart into my keeping. She had been his protector and she was handing the job over to me. I just hoped I was toplist teeny fuck up to the task. We entered the living room and for the first time I noticed the painting hanging on the living room wall. "That's beautiful." I said motioning to the framed seascape. The greens and tans added a soothing quality to the room, and I found to my surprise that I could see the brushstrokes; it wasn't just a print. incest porn toplist Elaine glanced over her shoulder. "You know, it's one of those things that've illegal porn toplists been hanging there so long, I guess I almost don't see it anymore. Gabriel painted it." "You painted that?" He shrugged, but kept his eyes fixed on the TV. "In the seventh grade." "The seventh grade?" I echoed, still stunned. "My God, Gabriel. You were that talented at that age." He shrugged again. "It's no big deal." Elaine laughed. "He's embarrassed. He hates it when people talk about his work." "Brat." Gabriel grumbled. "You should see his newer stuff, they're beautiful." "Lainey," Gabriel said, his tone warning. We ignored him. "He's very obstinate he won't show me anything." "Don't give him any booty, and he'll cave pretty fast." "Eewww!" Tommy whined. "Mom, there are children present." "Mmmm," I murmured. "Good idea." "Great." Gabriel muttered. "Now you've gone sexy angels toplist and turned him against me. He's going to be nagging me just like you in a couple of months." Everyone laughed at his peeved expression. ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ Gabriel's POV Sunday morning I woke early and went to my studio to paint. Connor was still asleep, exhausted from last night's activities. I couldn't let myself relax, kinder sex toplist I was restless, waking in night to check and re-check the windows, the alarms, and the locks on the doors. I called the patrolling officers cuties toplist so many times to make sure they didn't notice anything unusual, they were probably getting sick of me. So I finally decided to let my anger and frustration out on the canvas. I hated feeling helpless. I knew how to track and hunt animals, I could fight and overpower any man I came across and handle just about every weapon from gun to knife, thanks to my Dad's training. He always said that we were the same, he and I, protector's, warriors, and teen girl blowjob toplist had to learn how handle ourselves in any situation. But I couldn't fight the unseen. What good was all that knowledge if I still couldn't protect Connor? The snapping movements of my paintbrush stopped suddenly when I my ears picked up the sound of a car pulling up to the driveway. Curious to who it was I put down my brush and walked outside, just as Detective Haynes stepped df toplist unique out of his car. My senses instantly went on alert. He looked haggard as if he'd been up all night. "Morning." "Morning." I said. "Would you like some coffee? You look like you need it." He smiled in cherry angels toplist appreciation, as we went into the house and then the kitchen. Connor was already there, making breakfast. I grabbed a mug and poured the detective a cup of coffee, and asked, "Do you want cream or dad incest girl toplist sugar." "No, black is good." He sipped the coffee with obvious relish. "I've spoken to you mother." He said straight away. "And?" Connor asked, his body tense. "She couldn't have done this." "You don't know my mother. nudist toplist She capable of anything, she..." "She's dying." He said interrupting me. "What?" Connor inquired, because I seemed to have lost my voice in shock. "She has pancreatic cancer, she was diagnosed six months ago." "Are you sure it was her?" "Yes, we matched her picture with the one you gave us. It's her." I couldn't think. My mother was dying. Dying... I'd thought she'd out live us all, heartless people usually did. What was I supposed to feel about this? What should I say? Was I just supposed to forget everything she did to me, russian teen toplist every hateful action and every poisoned word? Should I feel sorry for her? hq nude toplist Or regret that she was sick? "But people can survive cancer." Connor said. "She won't." Detective Haynes said, his eyes watching me. "Her cancer is too advanced, the doctor's are giving her a three weeks, maybe a month to live." I lowered my head against the counter top, trying to gather my scattered thoughts. I felt Connor place kiss on my shoulder, before running a hand down my back. "I know you had a falling out with your mother, but I talked with social services and they need to know what you're going to do." "About what?" "Your sister." My head snapped up. "My what?" nn girl toplist "Your sister, Keira." To be continued... Comments? Questions? Suggestions? Email me at
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